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September 12, 2019

Tips from your Photographer



El Chorro Paradise Valley Wedding

When I arrive I will go straight into detail photos. Have all your details set aside in a box/bag for me to easily collect (things to consider for detail photos: rings, invitation suite (remember envelope) , garter, jewelry, perfume, shoes, veil, notes, vows, etc.). 

Ask your florist for a few extra blooms that I can place around your details!  Sometimes the florals arrive much later, if this is the case I recommend grabbing some from Trader Joes’s (or wherever) in your color aesthetic to add something extra special to your details! 

I do have a styling kit, so if you are just lost completely don’t you worry bout a thing!  


Getting Ready

Andaz Scottsdale Resort Wedding



When picking your getting ready location, think of how you want you photos to look.  Do you really like your Mom’s outdated guest room or a dark hotel room? Check out hotels that have rooms with lots of light and decor that fits your style.  Check out Air BnBs! They are so fun and can even be cheaper!  




Again!  Think of lots of windows and natural light.  I will turn off artificial light and have all windows open for the most natural light possible.  




By the time I arrive, clean up the getting ready space of all clutter that will be distracting in photos. I know it’s hard with so many girls getting ready, but just try to move everything to one side of the space.  I will usually be taking photos near the most natural light, so try to clear the space by a window.  


First Look 

Scottsdale Backyard Wedding


To first look or to not first look?  


First off, this is COMPLETELY up to you.  I am not here to persuade you if you and yours are positive you don’t want to do one.  I AM here to tell you reasons why many of my couples choose to do one, and why they can be beneficial to your Wedding day.  


Calms the nerves 


I was a Bride once myself, and I was SO nervous getting ready to walk down the aisle!  A first look can really calm both of your nerves. The most feedback I get from not wanting a first look is they want THE reaction down the aisle (you know, tears the whole shebang).  I promise you both will still get all ALL the feels, you are walking to become husband and wife! It’s still special! 


It’s private 


It’s shocking how little time you will actually get to spend with each other on your Wedding day.  It is busy, and all your friends and family want to see you! This gives you a set time to enjoy each other, share vows if you wanted, and have special, no pressure time together.  

Photos are done early/beneficial for your timeline 


When you do a first look, we will be able to get family formals, bridal party photos, and some bridal photos before the ceremony.  This means that after the ceremony, all we have to do is sunset Bride and Groom photos! Often, you will even be able to enjoy some of your cocktail hour and spend time with family and friends.  


More photos and time together


Inevitably, you will get more Bride and Groom photos!  You will also get more time together!  


All that said, this is YOUR choice, and I will 100% support a decision not to have a first look.  



El Chorro Paradise Valley Wedding




As mentioned above, try to aim your ceremony around 1.5 hours prior to sunset.  A middle of the day ceremony will have harsh lighting and shadows.




If you can, aim for your officiant to have a handheld or lapel mic.  A standing mic can be an eyesore in your photos.  


Unlpugged ceremony 


This is huge!  Especially now a days, it is truly upsetting how many phones I see out during a ceremony.  Sadly, I have missed important shots because someone’s phone is in the way. This photo won’t even be used, be swallowed in their camera roll, yet it took away an important moment for you.  Have you officiant kindly tell your guests to put away their phones, and you have hired the pros to take care of this for you. An announcement before the ceremony and a sign are great ways to tell your guests.  (threats work too) jk.. 



El Chorro Paradise Valley Wedding


DJ Lights


These are super fun during open dancing and when the party starts!  But have your DJ hold off on them off for first dances, toasts, ect.  


Have fun!


I would be lying if I told you nothing will go wrong on your Wedding Day.  Something might, but I promise you it won’t be the end of the world, and I promise you I will be there to calm you down 🙂 


I am here to help!  Please ask me for advice if you need anything! 


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